Sunday, October 26, 2014

Santa Fe

Days 6 and 7 (October 25 and 26)

Santa Fe has been as exceptional as we expected.  The weather is perfect, with lows in the upper 40s and highs in the low 70s.  Yesterday was sunny and clear, but today brought a few showers. 

Saturday morning began with a stop at Starbuck's where we encountered the most positive, engaging barista ever!  This particular Starbuck's has outside seating only.  As we enjoyed our coffee, we overheard every exchange this employee had with customers who ordered via the drive-thru.  It was fun to watch each patron's expression when greeted by the barista with a joke or a pleasantry.  I made it a point to let him know that he had "made my day" with his attitude as we left.  His personality reminded me of the "F.I.S.H." customer service video many of us have seen featuring the fish mongers at Seattle's Pike Place Fish Market.  Everyone should have this much fun at work!

We spent much Saturday morning and early afternoon browsing around the plaza area in downtown Santa Fe, and had a nice lunch al fresco at the Blue Corn Bistro.  It was a beautiful and busy day with many enjoying the outdoors.

Luminaria Courtyard

For our Walk to Emmaus and Journey to Damascus friends...

As we browsed, I stumbled upon a few other retired superintendents...

...and the requisite New Mexico chiles.

After a siesta, we returned to La Fonda on the Plaza and enjoyed the New Mexico sunset. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the best photo from our vantage point, but the view was spectacular in person.

The food has been delicious, and we've been able to be moderate in our consumption; however, the decision has been made--no more green chile!

After breakfast this Sunday morning, we were able to drive to visit MB's uncle and aunt who live in a beautiful spot between Santa Fe and Taos.  On our drive north, we ran into a brief rain shower.  The clouds over the mountains as the storm rolled in were dramatic, and the yellow-gold foliage was even more prolific as we passed north of the Santa Fe Opera exit and the Tesuque Reservation.  Aunt Clara told us, though, that the color would not last much longer, as the leaves were already starting to fall at that elevation.

After our visit, we all joined MB's cousin back in Santa Fe and enjoyed a very pleasant lunch (and a glass or two of wine!) at El Farol on Canyon Road.  There, I found that bathroom graffiti in Santa Fe is somewhat more cerebral than what I've grown accustomed to in Corpus Christi...

This put us in just the right spot to stroll among the shops and galleries before they closed for the day.  The skies had cleared and the temperatures were cool and pleasant--a perfect afternoon for gallery gazing.  The sculpture gardens and other sights along the way were very special...

As seen on Canyon Road

Fall in the Canyon Road Sculpture Garden

The day ended with a glass of wine at Thunderbird Grill on the Plaza, with a lovely view of the changing colors...

All in all...another beautiful and relaxing day in New Mexico!  Tomorrow:  Taos... Coming Soon: Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, and Sedona.

Still learning to exhale...


  1. I am so enjoying reading your blog, Scott! Many of the places you visited in Santa Fe I've also been, so it's like reliving that awesome experience. :) We did Taos after Santa Fe also, and visited the Taos Pueblo. Make sure you get your hands on some authentic Indian bread made in the pueblo! Really good! :)
    Sylvia G.

  2. Hey there Fellas'. Great commentary and photos. Its as if we are there ! The southwest is magical and you are experiencing it at the perfect time of year. Such a well deserved trip for you both. We are so happy for you! Cheering you on the whole way...Let the relaxation soak in....deep.

    Jason and Kim