Saturday, October 25, 2014

Surprising Las Cruces to Sunset in Santa Fe

Day 5 (Friday, October 24)

Las Cruces was surprising.  I'd been there once before and apparently hadn't ventured very far outside of my hotel room, because there was much more to do and see than we expected!  There are many young people here attending New Mexico State University, so there are all the restaurants and businesses that you would see in any college town.  Our hotel was close to the campus--new, clean, with a friendly staff.

On Thursday evening, we had dinner at a restaurant recommended by hotel staff:  La Posta del Mesilla.  Atmosphere reminded us of Mi Tierra in San Antonio...busy and colorful.  The food was good, but when you're used to South Texas Mexican food, it's hard to be impressed!  The evening did give us the chance to do a little walking through the plaza area in Mesilla, and to prepare for a return trip on Friday morning.

After breakfast, we drove back to Mesilla, which we understood to be the "old Las Cruces."  The plaza area is pleasant, with the Basilica for the Diocese of Las Cruces, and many neatly kept shops and restaurants.  The weather was sunny and pleasant at 72 degrees, perfect for a morning of exploring.

As we approached the plaza on a sidestreet, we enjoyed the local color, including one home where the owner obviously decided the tree out front needed more vibrancy than nature itself could provide!

Of course, we also found examples where nature was able to do just fine on her own....

The Basilica is a beautiful building with three crosses standing against the beautiful blue sky.  We wanted to go inside, but there was a funeral underway when we were there.

We couldn't help but admire the vintage Cadillac hearse outside the church.  While trying to remain respectful, we were able to discretely shoot one photo of the vehicle--a rarely seen specimen!

Before heading north, we stopped for coffee and a fresh muffin at a friendly restaurant on the plaza called Josefina's.  They had a beautiful outdoor patio...

Before long back on I-25 North, we did have to make the obligatory rest stop.  I was impressed by the obvious pride that the State of New Mexico exudes over their facilities...

As we drove north through Socorro, Los Lunas (why is it "Los" and not "Las"?), Albuquerque, Bernalillo, and up to Santa Fe, we remarked at how peaceful and relaxing the drive was.  The trees along the Rio Grande are changing colors, bright gold against the barren landscape.  Fall is arriving in New Mexico!

Drinks and a delightful dinner in beautiful Santa Fe from the rooftop of the Thunderbird Grill on the plaza  ended our day.  For Saturday:  a return to the plaza for browsing, shopping, picture-taking, and relaxing.  Perhaps sunset from the rooftop of La Fonda?  We'll see....

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  1. Hope you are enjoyed Santa Fe. We loved going to the plaza when Sandra lived there. Awesome place to visit.

    God bless and take care.