Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Days 7 and 8 (Monday and Tuesday, October 27 and 28)

Monday began with a delicious breakfast at the Pantry Restaurant in Santa Fe.
Friends had made many suggestions for places to eat--it's too bad we couldn't fit them all in!  The Pantry is a local favorite that caught my eye driving from our hotel to the Plaza because of its eye-catching neon sign (there are many great old neon signs along Cerrillos Drive that take you back to the Route 66 days...the El Rey and Western Scenes motels, to name a couple).  The consistent positive reviews on yelp! and TripAdvisor confirmed our choice...and the food was perfect!  MB had a vegetable omelette that was light and full of spinach...and my eggs and "veggie sausage" were cooked to perfection.

At the separate suggestions of two friends, John and Philip, we took the "high road" to Taos.  It was absolutely worth the extra effort and time.  The fall colors at the lower elevations were really exceptional...

...and then there was the sudden change in vegetation as we moved higher up, to some spectacular views.

As teenager, all I knew about Taos was that it was the town "McCloud" came from...

We found out there was much more about Taos pretty quickly.  We arrived in the early afternoon and took our first pass at the many galleries and shops, enjoying the sculptures along the way...

Before long, it was time for a drink at the Adobe Bar and then dinner at Doc Martin's at the Taos Inn.

We had a full day on Tuesday, beginning with what MB determined might have been the very, very best breakfast ever at Michael's Kitchen...

I'd show pictures of the plate, but his cardiologist would not be happy!  Then, we were off to the Taos Ski Valley, just to see what was going on out there...pretty much "nada."  There is some activity underway to prepare for the ski season, and the resort will open Thanksgiving weekend.

Driving back, we took some time in Arroyo Seco, visiting the shops and galleries there, and enjoying more interesting sculptures...

...finding a few remnants of strong political feelings from a few years back...

and enjoying more colors of fall.

Then, we were off to the drama of the Rio Grande Gorge bridge.  It certainly makes one feel small in the greater scheme of things...

...yet, despite the obvious grandeur and drama of the location, there is a feeling of peace as you hear the sound of the wind in the canyon and the rushing water below...perhaps wherein one hears the "still, small voice of God."

The last stop of the day was the very interesting Earthship colony, the largest community of completely self-sustaining dwellings in the world.  The complexity of the systems in each dwelling was truly mind-boggling...and the approach to building and sustaining each of the dwellings made so much sense!  What a better planet we would inhabit if each of us made just a fraction of the commitment these folks have made to reuse of resources, and to self-sufficiency without abuse of the environment.  Thanks, John, for recommending we see this!

After a workout at the hotel, we had another delicious meal at Station 3 One 6...tasty food, gracious service, and good wine--what more could you ask for?

As I write this, I realize I am describing scenes and locations that are familiar to many who might take the time to read this blog and have visited these places before; nevertheless, these experiences are new to me...and, in my excitement and enthusiasm for this journey, I can't help but think that anyone who might visit Taos and this part of our beautiful country might encounter something entirely fresh, new, and entirely exciting.

Tomorrow--one of two very long driving days in this 7-week adventure...the trek to the "four corners" and Monument Valley, Utah!



  1. Pics are beautiful! The fall colors are AMAZING! We visited Taos in the summer, so the colors were totally different. Loved Doc Martin's! Food was really delightful! The Rio Grande Gorge bridge was also very impressive. We artived in the late afternoon, and sat and watched the bridge as the sun was setting. So amazing! As I read your words Scott, I am reliving my own special memories of this magical place. Soooo happy you guys are having a wonderful time!!! :) Sylvia G.

  2. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog, Sylvia! We enjoy writing it each day!