Friday, November 21, 2014

Seattle, Portland (Part II), and the Incredible Oregon Coast

Sunday, November 16 – Tuesday, November 18 (Days 27-29)

Sunday was "Seattle Day" for us.  After a quick trip back on the ferry and a check-in at our hotel, we made our way to the Pike’s Place Market on the waterfront via the light rail system.  Crowds took advantage of the sunny skies to enjoy an afternoon in the market and adjoining shops…

...we saw interesting examples of self-expression...

...along with examples of those who just cannot follow the rules!

Our day ended with an amazing dinner at Palisade, overlooking Elliot Bay Marina and downtown Seattle on a cloudless night…thanks, Stephanie, for the perfect ending to a truly perfect weekend!

After taking Stephanie to the SeaTac airport, we left Monday morning for two days in Portland.  The weather had greatly improved upon our return, and after resting at the hotel for a while, we took a ride into the Pearl District for dinner at ¡Oba!  What a meal!  I usually think it is silly for folks to take photos of their food, but I was so enthusiastic about the enchiladas de calabaza that I couldn’t resist!

Facebook friends suggested that I try to recreate the recipe, but the flavors and spices were so complex and layered, I think that would be impossible!  I’ll just have to let this delicious fare remain a very pleasant memory!

On Tuesday, we drove out to the Oregon Coast and enjoyed the views from Tillamook to Seaside—unlike anything we had ever seen!  The temperatures in the mountains were in the upper 20s, but moderated to the 50s as we approached the coastline.  Driving north, we saw many amazing scenes, both high and low.  This had been another “bucket list” item for me—seeing the Pacific coastline from the cliffs of Oregon. 

We have been fortunate throughout this trip to have so many amazing photo opportunities, and our very best shots have been taken with iPhones rather than our more sophisticated camera.  Typically, we have been in just the right place at the right time, with great lighting and vibrant colors.  The photos I've posted here on the blog have not been filtered or enhanced, and most were taken with the phone.  

Some of the best pictures we have taken were shot north of Garibaldi on the coastline on Tuesday.  The cloudy skies filtered the sunlight, and the reflection on the ocean made the water appear like quicksilver as it approached the shore.  I was afraid we wouldn't be able to adequately capture the beauty we were seeing, but the iPhone proved itself up to the task!  Treasured photos, for sure!

We even managed to rouse a slithery friend that we discovered underfoot as we took our photos of the shoreline!

Portland is known for its food scene, with fresh, local ingredients.  Our good friend, Gail, was coincidentally in the Portland area for work while we were there, so we enjoyed dinner together at Decarli in Beaverton, one of the highest rated eateries in the Portland area.  I needed a glossary to understand what some of the lesser-known ingredients were; nonetheless, the meal was delicious!

These last few days represent the northernmost points of our long journey.  Now, we turn back east as we head toward Colorado for Thanksgiving.  Next:  the long drive to Boise…then Salt Lake City, Grand Junction, and a snowy (hopefully!) Thanksgiving in Vail.

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  1. Hi there! I loved reading about your time in Seattle and Portland. I was hoping I could ask you a couple of questions, could you let me know where to reach you? Thank you!